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Connect with study abroad students in your new city

Be A Part Of Community

Through Borough, you'll have a chance to connect with fellow students studying abroad in your area.

Be Aware Of Everything

Post on a general feed accessed by all registered students in the city, private message with new and old friends, and add items to the city-wide social events calendar.

Find Your Mates

Borough also allows you to see which students are from your home university in the U.S. and students who are studying abroad at the same university.

Explore what your city has to offer

Know All About Local Venues

Through Borough's Explore feature, you'll be able to find and review student friendly (and unfriendly) areas, restaurants, shops, activities, etc.

No Ads, Just Honest Reviews

Because you have to be a student to register on the app, you can rest assured there will be no self promotions here, only the candid opinions of your fellow students.

Discover student deals in your new city

Get Best Deals In Your City

Through Discover, you'll have access to local student discounts all throughout the city.

Search For The Good Offers

Search by any category or take a peek at the map to see what deals are around you.